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About This Weather Station

Observations are powered by an Aercus WeatherRanger

Hardware Aercus WeatherRanger
WeeWX Driver HP1000
Server uptime 703688 seconds
WeeWX uptime 703685 seconds
WeeWX version 5.0.2
Python version 3.11.2
Belchertown version 1.3b1

This station uses WeeWX and the Belchertown WeeWX skin. It uses MQTT to update the web browser whenever data is received from the weather station (every 16 seconds).

This is a personal hobby station using an Aercus WeatherRanger (a rebadged Fineoffset HP1000). Most measurements are accurate when compared to London Heathrow airport (EGLL) which is 11km/7mi away. However local wind speed and direction is affected by trees in neighbouring gardens which reduce wind speed and cause swirl.

The US AQI (2024 edition with lower PM2∙5), EU CAQI and UK DAQI are calculated from the 2-hour average from nearby SensorCommunity PM10 and PM2∙5 particulate matter sensors and NO2, O3, CO and SO2 readings are monitored from AerisWeather

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